Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don't put Christmas away

Christmas is past for this year. Some of us have already put away the decorations, the tree, eaten the cookies and gathered the cards. We've disposed of wrapping paper, used and shared gifts, given thanks and are thinking of a new year, perhaps making resolutions. Some will be doing these things in the days to come. We also put away our yearly traditions, yearly hopes and dreams, that somehow come alive only at the holiday season. The need to give, to try to be more understanding, to love not for love's sake, but because we love so much that it is an unconditional love. Sometimes after Christmas it seems like these words and intentions
have expired. But there is no expiration date on being a caring, loving person. It is also a time when those of us that have hurts in our lives, lick wounds, wrap them carefully, so as not to leave the tenderness exposed, and delve into getting busy, growing into being ourselves and understanding our own limits and those of others. Let this be the year that we listen more, critize less, hold our judgments back and give support. Let this year be the year when we are positive and caring. When we don't hold onto grudges, but reach out for peace and consideration. When we believe , really believe, in the spirit of the season all year long. Let this be the year that the words of love peace and good will live on after Christmas.


  1. Happy New Year my dear! ~ I quite agree with the sentiments of your most recent post!..,

    Thank you for visiting my last, Wedneday Tea For Me And Thee, little blog tea party!.., They are always "a work in progress"; I did not have the tea cart fully laden with pictures as I recall, when you kindly popped by for a wee visit last.

    I warmly invite you to partake with this weeks', Tuesday Tea For Two @ The Plumed Pen, blog and also for, Wednesday tea for Me And Thee, @ Silken Purse..,

    Cheers and Happy New Year from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  2. We put our things away on New Years Day, but hope to save a little of "the lighter side" of everything to keep with us throughout the year. Husband was making a call on Christmas Eve to complain (rightfully) about a bad delivery. I reminded him to speak softly b/c of the holiday...why not everyday, right? Happy New Year!