Friday, November 13, 2009

Masquerade of paper vs real

There's a difference between drinking for thirst or pleasure. When you're really thirsty, all you care about is doing some serious quenching, almost any liquid, in just about any container, will suffice just fine. But when you want to enjoy your drink, paper and plastic just don't get it for me. I don't like drinking out of paper cups. Makes your lips and tongue kind of dry and the cup feels flimsy to hold in your hand.. I find my tongue and fingers playing with the seam that holds it together. Hot is so very hot when holding paper or cardboard, even with the cute little "sleeves" that often come with the drinks. Not a fan of styrofoam either, especially those little magnetic ball shaped, can't get them off pieces of styrofoam fragments, that hang on to everything. How many of them have we ingested? There is the tendency to want to bite a chunk out of the styrofoam cup too. Can make a passive person aggressive just drinking out
of one. When having coffee, I love a mug, cups are cute, but seem to hold too little. A large mug with a comfortable handle has that lazy Sunday morning lounging  feel, or that I'm serious about getting the day started and this is part of the fuel of choice. Hot tea, either in a mug, or sometimes in a pretty and delicate china tea cup. It's calming and dainty to me. Water, with ice and lemon please, in a crystal tumbler. As for sodas or iced tea, a nice tall glass with a straw looks and tastes refreshing. For wine, I love the long stemmed large bowl for red and white wines. They look elegant, classy and romantic. Great with a nice meal and especially nice to caress for long and intimate conversations until the wee hours of the morning. A paper cup just isn't the same. I think the conversation becomes different if you drink out of paper or glass. Paper seems to be in a hurry and glass beacons one to linger just a little longer. The very composition of paper is meant to be temporary. Glass can and has been used for ages, sometimes handed down through generations. An interesting experiement maybe one day, glass or paper.  And  when endulging in cocktails, as for glasses, well, anything goes, with all sorts of great shapes, styles and designs to choose from. The holder itself becomes part of the experience. Give someone a beverage in a fancy or unique glass and they are delighted and will comment, "Oh, what a beautiful glass!" They will feel special because you made them special. That's what we want, enthusiasm for everyday life and everyday experiences. Having a nice mug, or glass when enjoying a beverage is one of the little things in life, that becomes a pleasure, instead of a necessity. A celebration of this moment in your life.

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