Saturday, November 14, 2009

To honor our military and families

How many times have you heard "I support our military, and their families, and all they do for us"? Many times right? I'm sure you have said these words yourself. I know I have. But how do we really support them? What do we really do besides a nice phrase of thanks, not even to them, but just in general? Our military offer everything they have to protect us and serve us in any manner they are called upon to do. Leave home,
leave family, for long periods, give up everyhing they have, put their own lives on hold, to serve us, yes, us, complete strangers. I am in awe of our military, their strength, their loyalty, their courage. They serve us because they believe, they are proud and dedicated. They believe in something greater than what can be seen with the eye or touched with the hand. They believe in freedom, hope,our future and choice. They stand for the freedom of choice. They believe it in their hearts.Think of all you have, and all they give. The season of giving is upon us, remember our military, remember their families. Give something more than words. Give of yourself, whatever that means to you. Write letters, give donations, support their organizations, give of your time, as they do theirs. Be active in your show of appreciation. Give whatever you can, for they give all they can. This time, let them really know that you appreciate them. I know I am, and I have already taken steps, a beginnning that is long overdue.


  1. I’m reminded each time I visit your blog how a life well expressed can inspire. Thanks for sharing, all the very best and a lovely weekend

  2. to "romantic query letter . . . " Thank you for your kind words.