Thursday, November 12, 2009

Loved ones from the past

There are days that seem to bring an abundance of  memories from loved ones in our past. You have had days like this I know. Our memory can be jarred by so much. A photo, an old movie, a song, words, seasons of the year, a conversation. It can be just about anything. Most days it makes us appreciate what is good in our lives. It makes it hard to understand why things are the way they are with much in the world. How easy it is to be hateful and opinionated against other people and their ways. How sometimes it seems that people need to have a target for that anger. And how little it takes to try to be understanding, appreciative, keep a sense
of humor and be open to differences. In life there can be all sorts of drama. And yet sometime there is a process of awareness, understanding and either acceptance, forgiveness or a mutual agreement to disagree respectfully. When you lose loved ones, much of this all seems so pointless. I hope to share a moment with you, take this moment, right now, to think about what is dear to you. Let that feeling, that emotion allow to you to love without condition. Love those for who they are. Let them know you love them, and why you love them. Be lovable yourself. Every once in a while, I have an urge to call my parents or my brother, just to chat a bit or tell them something new. I forget, they are not here physically on this earth anymore. Now they live in my mind, and always in my heart.  They have been gone for a while,  and yes, still, every once in a while I forget. But the reality comes quickly. I loved when they were here, and I have love still to give. Remember loved ones passionately for what they meant to you by sharing that love, that way, the light doesn't go out, but burns more brightly with yours.

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