Friday, October 16, 2009

Caller ID

I often find that technology exposes interesting and funny characteristics about ourselves. Like caller ID. I haven't thought too much about it until recently, and now I feel like it demands more analysis and thought. Remember, if you can, when the phone rang and you answered it with a friendly hello, not having a single clue who was on the other end? It seemed so simple then. Now before
we pick up the phone, we look at the screen to see if we recognize the name or number, and then we decide if we are in the mood to answer it. I do find it fascinating, and I have to admit that I have been guilty of this as well.  I have checked to see if I recognize the name, I do, but then I don't answer the call, and just let them leave a message. Now, if I recognize their name, doesn't that mean that I like them well enough as a person to put their name in my adddress book? And shouldn't I be happy that they called and want to talk to them? Then why the decision not to answer? If we are friends, can't I just say, I'll call you back later? If the line spells out "restricted", do I dare answer that call? Is it a stranger? A dreaded marketing call? Does it mean that someone is secretive about who they are, and do they just want to fool me into thinking they are someone else, or is it because they just have an unlisted number? Let's turn the tables, I know I have wondered when I call a friend and it goes to voicemail. Are they busy? Don't they hear their phone ringing? Or, horrors, have they seen my name on screen on caller ID, and then decided NOT to answer it? Next time your phone rings, will you think about all these things? Or will you be very brave and adventurous and not look at caller ID and just pick it up and say "Hello?"

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