Saturday, October 17, 2009

Appreciating Nature

Today is a beautiful cool fall day. Looking out the window, you can forget exactly what the temperature is outside. A sunny day is just that, sun and warmth and happiness. The only obvious
 sign of fall is the changing of colors of the trees. So very beautiful this time of year in Michigan. Nature is truly at it's glorious best with the jewel toned, yellows, oranges, greens and reds along with the blue skies, and reflections of these colors on the still waters of the lake. How very breathtaking the view can be. But no matter what the temperature, or day, or time of year, it can always be the best in our hearts and minds. When we look at  things being what they are and appreciate the realness of it, to really stop, look, inhale and feel, it is then that we often find the best. Appreciation of what truly is, not what we expect or want it to be. In nature as well as in people. I took this photo in Key West, Florida, where everyday seems laidback, full of sunshine and nothing promised, but so much to experience and behold. Life is really up to us, to live, to appreciate, and to share. A butterfly, sunshine day can touch your mind, fill your lungs, nurture your soul and embrace your heart.

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