Monday, December 14, 2009


Ever go to a movie, then walking out after its ending, you'll be talking about the movie and it's meaning, only to realize that the person, who was sitting right next to you for the entire movie (sharing the same popcorn), seemed to have watched an entirely different flick? It makes you look at them twice and rethink who that
person really is, what is or isn't going on in that head of theirs, or look at yourself and think, hmm I didn't even go there until you said it. It can really change your attitude. There is something about the WAY that your viewpoints differ more than that they Do differ. If it's an excited reaction, they'll be passionate about how they perceived it, and will want to enlighten you and include you in their interpretation, then that's pretty cool. But if they're shaking their head, with that clearing throat annoying kind of laugh (yes, you know this person don't you?), then maybe they're not the person you thought they were. At least that's my opinion. I had a friend tell me once, if you play golf with someone, their game will tell you everything you need to know about their temperment and personality. After I thought about it, I found it to be rather true. The club throwers and swearers are impatient, those that trim a few strokes off, are guilty of white lies.  Then you have the perfectionists who can be exhausting, the nature lovers that are usually laid back, the hackers, the competitors, the athletes, the drinkers, you get it. The list is endless. But since I'm not a golfer (put-put doesn't count  in this case), I felt I had to think about another venue. I'd say the interpretation of movies tells me VOLUMES about a person. The choice of movie, the openess to seeing something out of their favorite genre. And romance and humor always make for good qualities. It can be an enightening experience. Talk to someone that loves movies, and ask them to tell you about a favorite part. The revelations will be awesome.

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