Thursday, December 3, 2009

Having HISTORY in a relationship

As time passes, we lose friends and loved ones in our lives, to all sorts of reasons. And as life has it, we go on  meeting new people, making new relationships, new friends, you know just what I am saying,  those close and intimate and I love you for who you are kind of people. But at the beginning, you feel like you are introducing  The "you" to them,  talking about your past to people you meet. Letting them know about you, or what
you want them to know about you. Usually it's a story that has been repeated many times. Sometimes we are guarded and cautious with revealing ourselves, and sometimes we explode with experiences and stories. I've been trying to mix up the way I share about myself, to keep it fresh and interesting, if only for me, because it's all new to them. There is nothing like having history with someone. History takes time to happen, to evolve. And along with that time, something happens to that history. That bit of history gets seasoned.  Things like humor, adventure, sadness, intimacy, laughter, shared feelings, openness, hard work, sweat, food, lazy times, quiet times, talk from the heart times, just touch base conversations, touching, tears, and love. I visited my aunt these last two days, she lives about 240 miles away, she is 82. I have always enjoyed her company, her smile, her embrace, and her positive nature. Just saying her name makes me happy. I talk to her weekly on the phone, but I really wanted to see her, to feel her in person, to breathe the same air. We have great history. It's not something that just happens, it is something that becomes when we aren't paying attention. Celebrate a little history with someone you care for soon.

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