Friday, November 27, 2009

What do you really see?

A beautiful sunset in Key West, Florida, a golden sky, gorgeous sun, a large ship anchored, and birds and pelicans resting at shores edge. But what caught my eye was the helicopter on board. At first I didn't see it,
then it was the object of my undivided attention. Life can lull us into looking and not seeing, even the most obvious. How often have I lived everyday life and been oblivious to what was right in front of me. Have you ever had another person draw something to your attention that you didn't notice at all, and when they finally did, you couldn't believe that you were so blind or unaware? It can be an embarrassing moment, but also a moment of tremendous growth. It makes me wonder what else I might have been missing. Take time and interest to look at life from all perspectives and through the eyes of others sometimes, so that we can see the world more clearly ourselves. Look at people and your enviornment, observe actions, behaviors and settings as if for the first time. Drink it in with your eyes, heart and mind.


  1. I love that it's very Zen. Oh, and if I didn't already say, I love the way your mind works.
    I didn't see the helicopter either and I like to think of myself as observant but it just goes to show. I like that you pointed it out to me for it gave me pause and now I'll be more focussed going forth.
    You take care.

  2. Dear "The romantic query letter",

    I have enjoyed your comments on my blogs, and appreciate your input. Thank you again for reading.