Friday, December 18, 2009

Beautiful, Flawed or . . . .

When I first saw this brightly colored butterfly, I thought it so beautiful and it filled me with joy to be able to capture it's image on a photo. Then I saw it, the tattered wing. My heart sank a bit, and I felt a moment of pity. I decided to watch it and see what it did..Well, it was still gathering it's nectar, still able to float peacefully about in the air, perhaps needing to land on a delicate flower more often. It was still beautiful.  Flawed isn't what I saw now
, I saw strength, perseverence. I saw it as having had life experiences, that changed it a bit on the outside, but it was still a butterfly. It had to adapt to survive. It is nature's way to take care of it own. It allowed itself time, the butterfly took a little longer on each flower it landed upon, enjoying the essence of the flower. Just a little bit longer. Isn't that what happens to us as humans? Living life and working our way through new and sometimes difficult experiences gives us a new viewpoint and perspective of ourselves and our surroundings. May your flights be filled with joy and nurturings, just as the butterfly demonstrated to me.