Friday, November 6, 2009

A moment of attentiveness

Sometimes it's something very simple that catches our attention. A detail that often gets overlooked because we don't have time, and to get our attention things have to sometimes be grandeous and loud. We can see Beauty in the moment but only if we choose to live in that very moment. Here, I like the veins on the delicate pink flowers and the darkness of the background of the photo. It's kind of like knowing someone for a long time, and then you have that moment when everything changes. Has that happened to you?  It's almost as if you are truly seeing
 them for the very first time. The specks of different colors in their iris, or a way that they laugh when they are comfortable and amused, a freckle on their cheek, the way they look at you, the manner in which they touch you, or how you see the world differently in their presence. Take the time to really listen to someone today, really look at them when you are talking with them. I like to envision an adult and  what they might have been like as a child. Look for that child inside. Having the innocence, that mischievious twinkle in their eye. Have fun with it. Pick someone like the cashier at the grocery store, the neighbor you usually only wave to, the waitstaff in the restaurant, or a passenger on the elevator. Pick one of the many people that come and go into your life everyday, and give them a moment of undivided attention. One single moment. See how beautiful they are when you take time to appreciate each blossom in the garden.

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  1. Oh my dear, that's brilliant. The wonder of a child and a kindness exended to another, I like it and I like the way your mind works.
    You have a lovely weekend,