Thursday, November 19, 2009

Memories and Christmas Songs

Today I was shopping in a store with music was playing in the background, something that we hear but pay little attention to. We can go in and out of shops not even realizing that we have been listening to music. Oft times we're glad to get outside because it wasn't something we enjoyed listening to.  There has been a lot of study put into the types of music that will encourage shoppers to linger, feel relaxed and energized  in order to put them in the mood to purchase more. Not to forget that we celebrate Hanukkah and Kwanza at this season as well. But that is not what I felt today. Today, they were playing Christmas songs, too early for me, I'd rather they wait until after Thanksgiving, but it was playing regardless of my preferences. I found myself
feeling almost overwhelmed by a feeling. It came fast and strong. Christmas songs can touch you deeply, they  take you to recent memories or places long long ago. There are certain songs that can make your heart full and your eyes swell with tears wherever you are. It can take you back home again, if only for a few minutes. The music can recall a simple memory, a ritual with loved ones. You can relive being a child yourself, or the Christmases when your own children were small. My grandmother who was widowed and lived alone, often said Christmas is for children. I didn't understand until years later. Yes, it is for children, but it is also for the child within us. We only have to remember to nurture that child who always lives inside us, and keep a sense of innocent wonder and unconditional belief. Recall a special Christmas time memory for your inner child. Let your heart and mind linger there awhile.


  1. Hi Katharina,

    I love Christmas songs and the season of Christmas in general. I like wearing my red elf hat, baking cookies and delivering them to friends. The music is often reflective and brings a sense of reverie. I do think that merchandisers push everything too fast. Christmas decorations are out the day after Halloween. I wish they would wait until after Thanbksgiving too.

    You have some of the most stunning photographs I have ever seen. Your eye for detail is wonderfully warm and inviting.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Alexys Fairfield,

    Thank you for your sharing your red elf hat story. I appreciate your comments on my photography. I am truly a fan of your blogger site and encourage others to see for themselves.