Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Adam and Eve and what?

My little Adam and Eve. I've had this trinket box for many years. I bought it at a quaint gift shop because I thought it was cute, quirky and artsy, and said something about coming into this world just as we are, and growing into ourselves everyday from that point onward. A great reminder. Everyday is a new beginning a chance to start fresh. About keeping a sense of humor with ourselves and life. A conversation piece if you will. Well, I used to display it on a side table, in the family room. Another piece of artwork to enjoy. Then over time, I began to see that a few people were actually uncomfortable with it being there, as if this small clay and wooden box exposed them somehow. Was it a
 suggestion of nudity? Of revealing oneself? Adam and Eve in general? If kids saw it, they were actually more interested in the apple and the snake (is that what you noticed?), and the people's funny mouths and eyes, never any comment about them being unclothed. The question they asked most often, was there anything inside the box, and could they see it?. ( Just some paperclips). Some children asked what their names were, and who were Adam and Eve? And yet, some adults saw nudity, sin, exposure, and that this box was not appropriate for everyone to see. Never a word about the story or about God. An interesting statement I thought, adults were more limited in their views, interests  and comfort levels than any of the children, uncomfortable by a box with clay igures on it.. So for awhile now, Adam and Eve have been in the guest bedroom,  on a shelf by the television, and it never gets commented on, although I know it is noticed. I'm thinking about bringing them out, where they belong. They represent a beginning.  A good place to start. It's time.

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