Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Human sexuality and nature

Ever notice that lots of things in the universe have sexual or erotic characteristics? I was waking along the beach, appreciating the ocean, the sand, the international port, the people and ships and all that comes with it. This object that I photographed struck me as interesting and beautiful. Not functioning in it's original intent, but laying on it's side, half out of the water,once used for large ships along the docks. When I looked over my photos later on, I noticed that it had an erotic interest to it. And as I shared it with others, amongst other "touristy type pictures", there was always a
comment about the sexual undertone of the photo. Seems like many objects in nature take on this trait if we look for it, and sometime when we don't. I don't know what it says about us, if we see or don't see those traits. I find it fascinating though. Look around, and it begins to get easier. Male, female in everything in nature.
I also wonder when do people stop being sexual or sensual or erotic in their nature? Or do they ever stop? Is it in old age? Do people that have that sense of sexuality, of flirt, of seduction ever really get old? Isn't much of how we feel and act a state of mind. I'm not talking about all out perverted sex. I'm talking about feeling confident, feeling desired, feeling empowered. And about making others feel that way too. When was the last time you gave someone  a compliment that made them feel good about themselves and really meant it? Someone that doesn't normally get compliments, but still has the sparkle in the eye, the smile on the face, the desire in the heart and the mind that nevers ages. Nature is about life, and without love, without male and female, without desire, it doesn't keep going. Look at the world around you, the people in your life. See the life in them, see the beauty in everything in nature. Life is a wonderful cycle.


  1. The Orchid is arguable nature’s most erotic symbol and as for the peak of sensuality… Well if the rumours coming out of those retirement communities are any indication I’d say it is very much alive and well in even our most senior of citizens. Sexuality, whether it be in nature [plant, asexual cell etc.] or between two [animals including humans] is about furthering the species that’s our biologic destiny. While sensuality, the erotic, flirting and the bits that is pleasure based, well that we do because it feels good, I don't think that ever goes away.
    You take care and I'll be sure to call again,

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  3. Simone,
    I am delighted that you shared your observation of the orchid and it's erotic symbol of sexuality in nature. Your writings have a powerful sense of romance and erotic sexuality that we often long for, or are beholden of in life. Thank you for your comments on my blogs, I look forward to hearing from you again, should you choose to do so, and wish you success in your endeavors.

  4. so many times I will see a woman looking good - maybe a nice outfit, hair, something...I want to compliment and then I shy away.
    Long ago a woman, a strange told me the dress I was wearing looked nice - it made my day....I should strive to give honest compliments and comments....it is a good thing - I will not shy away. I agree with sensuality and sexuality - why are so many people too afraid to talk about it? Oh well.

  5. Judy,

    Thank you for your comment. I truly believe that as human beings, nurturing of our sensuality and sexuality gives us self confidence and makes us more fulfilled.