Monday, November 9, 2009

Adirondack Chairs

I've always thought that these are such great looking chairs. They are in my backyard scattered in pairs along the little lake. They remind me of tall glasses of lemonade, sugar cookies, white linen clothes, lazy summer days, gentle breezes on moonlit nights with the sound of crickets in the background, peacefulness and romance. I seldom sit in them, even though they evoke

all these great images, they are actually pretty uncomfortable to sit in for any length of time.  But I love the ambiance that they create in my head.  Their name doesn't exactly roll off your tongue, and most people you ask couldn't tell you what they are called but have sat in them sometime in their life.  The story goes as such, they originated in 1903 or so, in Westport New York, near the Adironack mountains by a man, Thomas Lee, going though hard times, trying to make enough money to get through the winter. They were really popular in the early 1900's and are instantly recognizable. I hope my photo of the Adriondack chairs along the water's edge will take you to a peaceful place in your thoughts, while you are sitting in your own comfortable chair somewhere.

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