Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Repeat dreamer

     Some people say they don't dream. Ever. I find that heard to believe.
 Is it that they really don't dream, they don't remember their dreams, or they don't want to pay attention to the fact that they are dreaming?
     I dream all the time. Sometimes a lot of it is fantasy like, colorful and sureal. Beautiful and inspiring. Some of them aren't very good. I wake up crying and exhausted. And sometimes I don't remember anything at all.
     But what about the dreams we have that we dream over and over again?  Dreams that when you wake up, don't make any sense, but surly there is a message there for us.
     We look our dreams up on the internet, in books and ask others about the subjects of our dreams and what they think. The information we get often doesn't really pertain to our specific dream, although it may speak to a part of our dream. Sometimes it is a long time between having the same dream. Sometimes I dream it almost every night. Sometimes the dream changes up a bit, it is never really exactly the same.
I have thought of daydreams and nightdreams and how they can be the same. But usually they are nothing the same, for me anyway.
     In my dreams I am often an observer. Even if I am in the dream, I have no part in how the script evolves. But I am in control of the dream because I am the one dreaming it right? I wonder what I will dream tonight.
      Are you a dreamer?  Tell me something of your dreams.


  1. Some of my dreams aren't exactly recurring, as in, they're not exactly the same over and over, but the THEME is recurrent. This particular dream makes me inordinately sad and it has to do with choices -- which road should I have taken in life. One never knows, and the dream, it doesn't tell me, either.

  2. My dreams are all over the place. Some I forget right away and some I remember for awhile. Some have people I have never met and places I've never been to or seen.

  3. I dream like crazy! The subject matter is all over the place. Many times they end with a cat in them. That is caused by one of my cats who decides that it's time for me to wake and starts meowing in my face....

  4. I'm a night and day dreamer. Sometimes bits and pieces of real life end up in my dreams, but usually it's like looking through a crazy kaleidoscope where the scene and subject is always changing.

  5. Some times I ask the Lord to speak to me in my dreams and He does. I don't often remember them for more than a day or two but while I do I try to discern the meaning in them and often things happen soon enough to enlighten me. I do not stress about them though. I had a near-death experience once that I remember with absolute clarity, even today, nearly 3 years later but that is different. Don't stress about your dreams, God will let you know what he is trying to tell you soon enough. Just trust him, I do. Love Geoff.