Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Down the Road of Life

     On this road of life, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture.  Your view can be clear, but more often than not, there's a whole lot of blurry, and you're squinting to see your path in front of you.

       We drive along, for a while, it can look like the same route others before us took. But each journey is it's own, there will never be a journey like the one you are on.
     The outside factors of living our lives will not always be in our control. To us may come inclement weather, severe storms and times of what seems like endless darkness. We wind down the road on bright and sunny days and are elated and happy. Even the sunny days can be trialsome, as the brightness of the sun can blind us to what truly is before us.  We need to look ahead and plan for when the road and weather continue to change. 

 We make choices. To go from point A to B as fast as we can. To take the round about way from A to get to B.  Perhaps to never go to B at all. Some choose to return back to A, but it's never the same there, even if we would have stayed. A few boldly adventurous will make up their our own alphabet as they go through life.  There are choices to beat the storm, we can ride it through, or wait for it to pass. Choices to take a leisurely ride and enjoy the scenery.

     There's the factor of  means of transportation. How do we get through life?  Be it fast like a plane, train or car, a bit slower on bike, on foot or even on another's back.

It can be scary or exciting. Looking down the road, it can look like not much is ahead. Or we keep thinking, I'll slow down a bit when there's something good to stop for. A then passing by too fast, we think, "Oh I should have stopped there". We can make that detour. After all there's not a prize to get there first. It's the getting there that's the fun. And if the journey were perfect and all went according to plan, well, your wouldn't have stories to tell or character to your name making you the person you are today. 
This time of year, we often reflect on life. It can bring pride and happiness, sadness or regret, yearning and inspiration or sadly, defeat and lack of will. All I am certain of is that it will be different tomorrow that today.

I gives thanks for all I have, for all that I can give, for all that I have learned and been fortunate to share. I am thankful to have love come into my life in many ways and with many people. I am thankful to count today as a blessing, and hopeful that our tomorrows bring joy, understanding, peace and love to many more hearts and souls. 

Safe travels.


  1. That's a beautiful post. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Beautiful and thoughtful...
    You are right, it's all about choices!
    Have a great holiday...

  3. You are exactly right, we have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

  4. for some reason, ever since i started going everywhere on foot or by bus, all of life seems at a slower pace than when i drove through it in a car.

  5. I live on a farm with a hill on it that has the best view of Cape Town imaginable and since I live here I spend a lot of time on the hill just wandering around. Most people who want to climb the hill rush to the top so as to see the view from the top but I have found that in their rush they miss so much. Often when they return I pull out my photo album and show them just how much they missed with the result that they invariably want to come back again and ascend in a more leasurely manner. They never do. It's not about getting to the top but rather about the journey. Enjoy your leasurely life my friend and may God bless you all the way.

  6. Well, I didn't get here in time for Christmas, but I wanted to stop by and wish you the merriest of Christmas seasons. I hope the day itself was wonderful and I hope that the coming week is full of joy. May you find laughter with friends, affection and joy with family, short return lines, and lots of great deals during after-school shopping. I want to thank you for your beautiful blog and for dropping by mine. You have made my year richer and fuller and sweeter. Merry, happy, joyous New year!! Much love, Relyn