Sunday, August 1, 2010

Going through Life

      At what age in life do we go from being young, attractive and desired; a vibrant person, to becoming a hardly noticed, often overlooked, sometimes dismissed senior?  And what age is a senior?  Is it 40, 55, 62, 70?  Age is irrelavant. I've always thought that old was 10 years older than what I was. It's not a sudden thing although at times it feels like days pass like hours.It's a slow progession this thing called Life. Shadows slowly come over us as rays of light shine on the next generation, flirting and bathing in the wholesomeness of vitality. Youth not understanding all that life still will unfold to them, roads to travel that they never planned on..

      Our culture has a fear of aging, we do everything we can not to look older, only to become self induced victims of silliness and absurdity. With all the facelifts, hair transplants, and cosmetic surgeries we often look like old people that, well , had facelifts, hairtransplants and cosmetic surgeries.
      How often have I looked in a mirror and asked where did the years go, because some days I feel like I'm 25 again? How often have I said, I don't want to go back to any other age. For it would not be the same.     
      I focus on the now, on this moment. Time cannot be held in our haands. Like sand, the years find a way to leave our grasp. And if we clench the sand tightly, it just becomes wet and sweaty and unattractive in our palms.
      Embrace this moment. For each time has it's sweet aroma and nectar and it's struggles and pain. Let us not disregard anyone because of youth or age. Let us celebrate the LIFE in each person.
     The truth is, you are vibrant as long as you choose to be. Stay interested in others, open your mind, explore new adventures and subjects. Go outside your box. Continue to ask questions and do not hold yourself above others. Include others in the joys you have. Share or you have nothing. Be open to love, let go of hate. Be empathic. Smile. Be a part of this wonderful universe.
      Each flower in the garden blooms in it's own time. Even in winter, life does not end, it simply slows down a bit, as it knows summer brings new life and energy.


  1. Wow -- you know, as I was looking in the mirror the other day, I thought the same thing -- at
    what point had I become invisible to people?

    But like you say, it's not about age, it's about how we perceive ourselves, and although I'm 41, I don't consider myself that number -- I think I'm stuck thinking I'm in my 30's, because those are the years that were really good to me and I refuse to grow old.

    Lovely post!

  2. I think the reason I get sad about getting older is because I know it means those I love are getting older too. As I age, my Mom gets closer to God, my toddler nieces move just a little bit further away from carefree innocence and edge slowly towards adult-worries and the big scary world out there. I start to see the mortality of those around me long before I see (or worry about) my own. Lovely post. - G

  3. Oh, this was a beautiful post....and so true. Part of me feels like it's natural to want to feel young and vibrant...and I do feel that way much of the time...but I'm still surprised when I look in the mirror on those off-days when I have no makeup on and my hair's a mess and I see this person I don't know staring back at me.

    That's when it'll hit me hardest.

  4. i'll be 46 on saturday and i feel young and alive most of the time....and then when a male friend of mine told me yesterday, that i'll be the sexiest 46 year old he knows....well, you can only imagine the smile on my face.