Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Today I feel an anxiousness in my heart and soul that will not lie still.
 Like a beast, it is on the hunt, for what does it hunt today?
I am unsure, but it's hot breath is burning against the back of my neck.
 I have days sometimes that I feel overwhelmed and have a sense of being in slow motion as the rest of the world rotates around the sun. I cannot catch up and I struggle with the smallest of tasks.
 It is days like this that I need to go into myself and nurture the part of me that longs for the simplest comfort. A soft blanket, a cool drink of water, and quiet, yes quiet to embrace all the things good in my life.


  1. Oh, yes....that deep need to turn inward and self-comfort oneself....

    There seems to be a lot of that going around these days. Hardest for us as we're always the nurturers and can't always find someone who can provide that unconditional comfort we crave...

    I hope you can take some time for YOU...to regroup, rest and level off. Life is so stressful at times...

  2. The value of silence and solitude can be to do just this...turn inward...I find my personal relationship with the Lover of my Soul, comforts me in times like these.

    You are in my thoughts....and prayers.

  3. Thank you to kathyrn and Wanda for comforting words. BIG HUGS to you LADIES!