Monday, June 14, 2010

Kindness of Others

Today my busy day was filled with appointments, errands and checking off my lists (of things to do or get when I'm out) kind of day. A hectic day and I was stressed about all the things I had to do. I decided to get done what I could and let it be. But strangley I began to notice something.
Everyone I made contact with today was especially nice, helpful, polite and friendly. And it was a Monday too.
1-a neighbor making sure my car was okay.
2- a patient at the Dr's waiting room office wishing me well and thanking me for having such a nice conversation with them.
3- the nurse at the Dr's office helping with the paperwork to expedite my time there when it wasn't part of her job.
4- a phone call with a very, very courteous operator.
5- a restaurant waitress taking my carry out order, and forgetting to put my name on the order, and when I picked it up the owner remembered what I usually order ( I only go there once every 4-6 weeks)and brought it out to the car for me.
6- my neighbor (another one) taking my groceries into the house for me.
7- several people holding the door for me. Someone holding the elevator for me.

WOW. Not these many things usually happen in one day. These are little things, but they were all so appreciated. It's great to have acknowledgement that there are so many kind and caring hearts in the world. Today was a wonderful day sponsored by some of God's beautiful children of all ages. It makes me more excited about giving to others.


  1. It's wonderful when things like these remind us of the good in people--after watching the news regularly, you would never think this is possible.

  2. What makes a great day? Random acts of kindness.

    What a special day for you... I loved the movie "Play it Forward"......kindness...the word for today.

  3. A comment can be an act of kindness. Thank you for stopping by and sharing some kindness.