Thursday, June 3, 2010

He stole my heart

     He stole my heart. I think it was the baby blues that seduced me first. We met as strangers on a stairway in the late evening some time ago. I was on an extended trip, leasing a darling little condo on an island. He came by one night, watching me and keeping a safe distance. He was coy and had an engaging personality, a seasoned flirt. His voice teasing me with his repetitive meowing.
     The next night he was back,
more daring, rubbing his body against my pant legs. I was taken in, but hesitant as I am allergic to cats. No matter, he persisted, and I caved. My offering of a can of tuna fish was met with a ravenous appetite, and him laying on his belly afterwards licking his paws and flouncing his tail.
     I was intoxicated with his personality and charm. I was now buying Fancy Fest everyday, hoping my choice of menu would delight him. Sometimes he ate everything and sometimes just some of it. But he always lingered and watched me. He let me pet him and pick him up. And I was nursing my fix for this kitty by taking antihistamines daily.
      He was the highlight of my day for three weeks.  He would see me on the street and come running, beating me up the stairs. I longed to bring him in, to keep him longer. He slept at my doorstep. As much as I thought he needed me, I saw that he was cared for. His body weight was healthy, his eyes clear, his fur soft and shiny. He looked part siamese, a tan coat with black tipped tail and paws. His face was beautiful. He was not mine to have, but to enjoy.
     One night it rained, and rained hard. It lasted two days. I looked for him, called him, went out with an umbrella in the rain and left food out in a dry covered spot, but he was gone. He was no where around. I was sure he had found shelter. Once the sun came back, I never saw him again.
     I think of him and smile. I don't know why he came to me and why he left. He was a joy to experience. No doubt he is somewhere stealing another heart.

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