Sunday, February 7, 2010

The humility of aging gracefully

      Why are we so afraid of getting older? What ever happened to aging gracefully? To be an elegant  and beautiful or handsome mature human and be proud. Why can we not celebrate who we are, what got us here and that we have lived some years of a life already?  What makes you old and undesirable? Does your definition of old age depend on how old you are? Is a wrinkle a defect? Is a scar a badge of honor or a disfigurement? Is grey hair a sign of a withered being or is it a mark of nature and time?  Why do we lie about our ages? Why do we fell like we need to lie about our age? When we are young, we want to be older, when we are older, we want to be younger. 
     What is the age that we want to be? What is that perfect age we humans strive for? Please tell me, when are we the right age? And the right age for what? Does age and maturity go hand in hand?
     Being in Florida right now, with the sun shining and temperatures rising, I see breast enhancements everywhere, many of which I don't understand. Giant cantalopes balanced on a thin framed woman, her skin stretched across the hard mounds of financial investment. Why is an unflattering, totally unnatural breast implant more desired and apparently more socially beautiful than real breasts, whether they be small, uneven, pendulous, a bit deflated, or even just natural and not perky like a avatar model? What is beautiful about a stretched face? Where the eyebrows and hairline intermingle? The lips explode into looking like they have been attacked by entire hive of bees? Well. I guess, you have to have a sense of humor. It can be halloween everyday.
     What is good about  aging and getting older? Hmmmmm, wine is good with aging, cheese and diamonds.  We need to look at people as jewels, diamonds in the making. It's the experiences in life that make us sparkle, that give us dimensions, give us clarity, give us brillance and value. Without pressure, a diamond is a piece of glass.  Can't we celebrate both the beauty of youth and innocence as well as age and experience?
      I find age and experience enchanting. It is infinitley interesting and inspiring to talk to someone with life expereinces and has a positve attitude. Someone who has loved,  lost, laughed, cried, acheieved, understood, learned, taught, and shared.  
     No matter the age, I look to see . . . Do their eyes still sparkle with mischief and joy? Does their touch extend kindness? Do they know how to smile? Is the heart warm? Do they appreciate each moment? I think that this is true no matter the age. One is kind, loving, giving, full of life no matter the age. It is the heart and the soul that shine and sparkle, the rest is just a wrapper. Let's accept and appreciate the process of aging.  As long as you don't call me old.

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  1. Youth is valued in our society because the old have lost their wisdom. They traded it in for younger wives and desiger bags.
    You are a wise lady and it is for that reason you are valued by me.
    Warm regards my dear.