Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Illusions of sugar plums and fairies at Christmas

When you think of Christmas time and the holidays tell me what goes through your mind? Here's some of what is going on . . . music playing, card exchanging, parties to attend,  decorating, gift buying, wrapping, endless baking . . .  entertaining, quiet surprises, sales and bargains, jostling  crowds, singing jingles, attending services, driving in traffic with people that shouldn't be driving, impatient customers, rude, overworked sales and service workers . . .  standing in line after line, keeping traditions, festive activities, fighting colds,  and lack of sleep. Tell me, what do you
really feel about the holiday time?  Don't give me what you think I want to hear, be honest and tell me how you feel. That gay and festive, happy time of year, how much of that is sincere? How many people have true joy and happiness and are enjoying the holiday time of year? I see people that are overwhelmed with trying to keep up, to do all the things that society, and/or loved ones expect of them. People that are pushed past their limits with time, activities, emotions, finances and relationships both personal and business. Moments of sadness, lonlieness, inadequacy, disappointment, frustration and holiday letdowns that extend, too often, well into the new year. Oh, it's more than a feeling of humbugy Mr.Scrooge, or of the Grinch that stole Christmas, it goes deeper than that. When people go through the motions, you  the sad unattatchment in their eyes, you feel it from their bones, hear it from their heart, recognize the cynical tones, then you know what their Christmas is really about.
 But now, let's take perspective, Christmas is about spirit. For if you don't have spirit and share spirit, then you don't understand Christmas. For a few moments, yes, even though you say you don't have time, you're reading this, so please take that moment, reflect on your Christmas, your Christmas now, and your Christmas's  past. Are you smiling, did you take a deep sigh, are you sad? Maybe this year, if you do less, you have more. Can you, without thinking about it very much, quickly, tell me three gifts you recieved last year? How about three gifts you gave, and to whom the last two years? Are they or you still using those gifts? Maybe, but probably not.
 But can you tell me a Christmas tradition you celebrate, look forward to, a tradition that warms your heart, maybe brings a tear to your eye, a moment of innner refection. A special person, whose character and habits uplifted you over the holiday, someone whose smiles lights up your life, whose very essence makes your life wonderful, whose prescence brings you joy and happiness? Do they know it, have you ever told them in words, written them the words?  Tell them, show them. Now, today, at Christmas. That is Christmas. LOVE. SPIRIT. SHARING of SELF not of things. Give of your heart, not of your wallet, give of your time.  You can't buy time, make time, save time, borrow time, lend time beg time, trade time.  It is one of the most precious of what life offers us. Make the most of it. Give a sincere hug, don't let go. Let THEM be the ones to STOP hugging, look into their eyes and mean it when you wish them a merry Christmas. Visit, and sit, don't stand. LISTEN more. Stay longer. Touch more. Smile more. Be more understanding. Learn patience. Train your eye to see the littlest of pleasures in life. Make that phone call. Say I'm thinking of you and wanted you to know, thank you, I love you, I care about you, I'm sorry. Say what you need to say, what you should have said a long time ago. Start a new tradition. One of meaningfulness, of sincerity. Mean the words you say. Give of yourself, it's the only way to keep growing, both for yourself and others. Merry Christmas and happy holidays with a big warm hug from me to you.

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  1. I love Christmas time, now that I'm an adult and can make my own decisions about it.

    I love catching up with friends, eating way too much, drinking way too much, laughing way too much.
    I love sending and recieving cards.
    I don't exchange gifts much, but the few I do are always special.
    My husband and I make the day our own, and now that we have a son we make him part of it. We stay home, which never happened when I was a kid.

    I don't get wrapped up in the hustle or bustle, that helps.

    I'm sad when it's over, but glad to have made it through