Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthdays, Celebrations and Grownups

Birthdays. I'm talking about adult birthdays. Children's birthdays are for another blog day. There's a lot of reminiscing that goes along with a birthday. All those you had in childhood. yes, I know. But right now I'm talking about Grown Up and having a birthday. Say it's a birthday day TODAY . . .  what does a birthday mean to you? Is it an important day of celebration?  A quiet day for yourself? Maybe a day just like any other. I have a friend that has celebrations of a birthday "week". I love
 that. Because to me, it's about celebrating life, being happy, and being around people that love you and you love them. It's not a big event or party that I desire. Something small and personal, and something that is not a material thing, but an action. Afterall, love can be a noun and a verb. Our lives are  busy, and it is really a priceless and touching moment of the day when someone remembers.  A phone call, a greeting card (handmade or boughten), a few kind words spoken, a sincere and long hug, a kiss, these are more meaningful and appreciated than most anything I can think of. I enjoy being remembered. I hope that those I remember enjoy as much as I do. And I believe that they do. It doesn't sound like much, but it is. Our lives get more hectic, our minds preoccupied, our time more precious. As you get older, appreciation and value becomes more simple, and more abundant. I put birthdays down on my calendar for the whole year, and try make a call on the day of a birthday,  and send a card. But mostly for that day to speak the words "I was thinking of you, and wanted to wish you a wonderful birthday". Wish someone a happy birthday soon. Do it with love, and make love a noun and a verb.

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